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Ludwig Narziss Award

Brief summary

  • Objective: This prize will be awarded to that BrewingScience publication in which the results are particularly relevant for application in the brewing industry (very broadly also including malting topics, hop processing, packaging...).
  • Candidates: All publications printed in a BrewingScience year's issues / yearbooks.
  • Organisation: Fachverlag Hans Carl, Nuremberg
  • Jury: The group of experts of BrewingScience can be viewed at www.brewingscience.de/index.php?tpl=experts.
  • Advisory board: The Editorial Board of BrewingScience (can be viewed at www.brewingscience.de/index.php?tpl=editorial_board) decides on the further procedure in the case of identical evaluations.
  • Prize money: The price is endowed with 2500 EUR.
  • Financing: Prize money will be financed from donations. Everyone interested can contribute.
  • Bank details of the Weihenstephan Jubilee Foundation: Bank fuer Kirche und Caritas eG, IBAN: DE59 4726 0307 0013 7656 00, BIC: GEN0DEM1BKC, Reference: Ludwig Narziss Award for Brewing Science (Upon request, we will issue a tax deductible receipt)


BrewingScience Hop Special 2024 Call for papers. On 20 December 2024, BrewingScience will publish its 14th Hop Special, which covers all hop-related topics, from hop cultivation and hop varieties to hop technologies, analytics and the impact on beer.
All researchers working in this field are invited to submit their scientific papers to Junkersfeld@hanscarl.com, the editorial deadline is 2 September 2024. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by a group of international hop experts.
The author guidelines are available at www.brewingscience.de. Authors, for further information email Lydia Junkersfeld, Junkersfeld@hanscarl.com.
By the way: All published articles are eligible for the next Ludwig Narziß Award!

Ludwig Narziß Award for Brewing Science granted in Lille

The 39th EBC Congress which took place in Lille, France, 26–30 May 2024, provided the perfect stage for the 10th presentation of the Ludwig Narziß Award for Brewing Science. The winning entry for the most practically relevant BrewingScience publication of 2023, which was selected by an international jury of experts and the editorial board of the scientific magazine BrewingScience, once again focused on hops, specifically on the effects of hop diseases on hops and beer quality: "The Impact of diseases on the quality of hops for use in brewing beer", (BrewingScience 76 (2023), no 11/12, pp. 133-146), by Dr. Adrian Forster and Dr. Florian Schüll (HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G.) and Andreas Gahr (Hopfenveredlung St. Johann).

The laudatory speech for the winners and the winning entry was given by former EBC President Dr Stefan Lustig, member of the Editorial Board of BrewingScience: "In times where climate influences and extreme weather conditions ranging from drought to flooding are putting pressure on hop cultivation, the use of plant protection products is also increasingly reaching its limits. Florian, Andreas and Adrian's research focused on the effects of pest and disease infestation on the characteristics of hops and the impact on beer quality. This is a very important area of research, as there are many discussions every crop year about the rejection or devaluation of infected hop samples," he emphasised in his laudatory speech. You can find the article here.

The annual research prize is endowed with EUR 2500. The symbolic cheque was presented in Lille by Dr. Frank Braun, 1st Chairman of the Association of Former Weihenstephan Brewers (VeW), whose Weihenstephan Jubilee Foundation 1905 administers the financial endowment for the prize, which comes from donations.