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Volume 69 - Number 1/2 (2016)

Varietal Difference of Hop-Derived Flavour Compounds in Late-Hopped/Dry-Hopped Beers. K. Takoi, K. Tokita, A. Sanekata, Y. Usami, Y. Itoga, K. Koie, I. Matsumoto and Y. Nakayama. BrewingScience, 69 (January/February 2016), pp. 1-7. view abstract | view article

New International Calibration Standard (ICS-H2) for HPLC Analysis of Hexahydroiso-α-acids. - Submitted on behalf of the International Hop Standards Committee. M. Biendl and B. Foster. BrewingScience, 69 (January/February 2016), pp. 8. view abstract | view article

Headspace Trap GC-MS analysis of hop aroma compounds in beer. C. Schmidt and M. Biendl. BrewingScience, 69 (January/February 2016), pp. 9-15. view abstract | view article

Characterization and detection of the glycosyltransferase (gtf) genes in ropy beer-spoilage lactic acid bacteria . M. Shimokawa, S. Naito, K. Suzuki, and H. Yamagishi. BrewingScience, 69 (January/February 2016), pp. 16-20. view abstract | view article