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Volume 71 - Number 7/8 (2018)

Investigating Freeze Crystallization as Promising Next-generation Water Purification Technology for the Brewing Industry. L. Erlbeck, D. Wssner, T. Kunz, M. Rdle and F.-J. Methner. BrewingScience, 71 (July/August 2018), pp. 56-67. view abstract | view article

Increasing Wort Flow by Flocculation of Fine Particle Fractions. P. M. Bandelt Riess, M. Kuhn, H. Briesen and P. Frst. BrewingScience, 71 (July/August 2018), pp. 68-72. view abstract | view article

New International Calibration Standard (ICE-4) for HPLC Analysis of α- and β-acids. - Submitted on behalf of the International Hop Standards Committee. M. Biendl (Co-Chairman EBC) and B. Foster (Co-Chairman ASBC). BrewingScience, 71 (July/August 2018), pp. 73. view abstract | view article