Table of Contents

Volume 72 - Number 3/4 (2019)

Brewers yeast research - a keynote paper - part 1 (Invited paper). G.G. Stewart. BrewingScience, 72 (March/April 2019), pp. 31-49. view abstract | view article

The complexity of yeast extracts and its consequences on the utility in brewing: A review. F. F. Jacob, M. Michel, M. Zarnkow, M. Hutzler and F.-J. Methner. BrewingScience, 72 (March/April 2019), pp. 50-62. view abstract | view article

High Throughput Sequencing as a novel quality control method for industrial yeast starter cultures. M. Michel, L. A. Hardulak, T. Meier-Drnberg, J. Morinire, A. Hausmann, W. Back, G. Haszprunar, F. Jacob and M. Hutzler. BrewingScience, 72 (March/April 2019), pp. 63-68. view abstract | view article

Resurrection of the lager strain Saccharomyces pastorianus TUM 35. M. Hutzler, L. Narzi, D. Stretz, K. Haslbeck, T. Meier-Drnberg, H. Walter, M. Schfer, T. Zollo, F. Jacob and M. Michel. BrewingScience, 72 (March/April 2019), pp. 69-77. view abstract | view article

The power of sour A review: Old traditions, new opportunities. S. Bossaert, S. Crauwels, G. De Rouck and B. Lievens. BrewingScience, 72 (March/April 2019), pp. 78-88. view abstract | view article

Strain specific performance of active dry yeast for fermentation of very high gravity wort. E. Abbott, D. Villegas, S. Van Zandycke and T. Fischborn. BrewingScience, 72 (March/April 2019), pp. 89-93. view abstract | view article