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Volume 72 - Number 11/12 (2019)

Dry hopping potential of Eureka!, a new hop variety. C. Schmidt, M. Biendl, S. Hanke, K. Reglitz and M. Steinhaus. BrewingScience, 72 (November/December 2019), pp. 173-178. view abstract | view article

Screening of brewing yeast β-lyase activity and release of hop volatile thiols from precursors during fermentation. M. Michel, K. Haslbeck, F. Ampenberger, T. Meier-Drnberg, D. Stretz, M. Hutzler, M. Coelhan, F. Jacob and Y. Liu. BrewingScience, 72 (November/December 2019), pp. 179-186. view abstract | view article

New International Calibration Standard (ICS-A1) for HPLC Analysis of Alpha-Acids in Beer. - Submitted on behalf of the International Hop Standards Committee. M. Biendl (Co-Chairman EBC) and B. Foster (Co-Chairman ASBC). BrewingScience, 72 (November/December 2019), pp. 187. view abstract | view article

Irrigation scheduling for Humulus lupulus (L.) cv. 'Nugget': climate and soil-plant relations. M. Fandio, E.M. Martnez, B.J. Rey, J. Valladares, J.L. Olmedo-Nadal, J.M. Mirs-Avalos and J.J. Cancela. BrewingScience, 72 (November/December 2019), pp. 188-195. view abstract | view article

Behaviour of hop-derived branched-chain fatty acids during fermentation and their sensory effect on hopped beer flavours. K. Takoi. BrewingScience, 72 (November/December 2019), pp. 196-206. view abstract | view article

Gene structure and allelic variations of hop (Humulus lupulus L.) bitter acid biosynthesis genes. M. H. Hagemann, U. Born, G. Weber and J. N. Wnsche. BrewingScience, 72 (November/December 2019), pp. 207-216. view abstract | view article

Reproducibility Trials in a Research Brewery and Effects on the Evaluation of Hop Substances in Beer. - Part 3: Transfer Rates of Aroma Compounds from Hops to Beer and their Ageing Behaviour. A. Gahr, A. Forster, J. De Clippeleer and F. Van Opstaele. BrewingScience, 72 (November/December 2019), pp. 217-227. view abstract | view article