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Volume 74 - Number 3/4 (2021)

Molecular basis and regulation of flocculation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces pastorianus - a review - YEAST SPECIAL. K. Seibel, R. Schmalhaus, M. Haensel and F. Weiland. BrewingScience, 74 (March/April 2021), pp. 39-50. view abstract | view article

Sanitation of wooden barrels for ageing beer - a review - YEAST SPECIAL. T. Kocijan, S. Bossaert, G. Van Boeckel, G. De Rouck, B. Lievens and S. Crauwels. BrewingScience, 74 (March/April 2021), pp. 51-62. view abstract | view article

Sulfur substances of hop oils and identification of hop varieties - advantages and limitations - YEAST SPECIAL. K. Krofta, J. Patzak, P. Vondrčkov and L. Mravcov. BrewingScience, 74 (March/April 2021), pp. 63-70. view abstract | view article