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Volume 75 - Number 3/4 (2022)

New International Calibration Standard (ICS-B1) for HPLC Analysis of Beta-Acids in Beer. M. Biendl, B. Foster. BrewingScience, 75 (March/April 2022), p. 17. view abstract | view article

Comparative evaluation of the performance of platinum and activated carbon as catalyst in microbial fuel cells for the energy integrated treatment of brewery wastewater. E. T. Ojong, D. Khalifa, A. S. Braeuer, R. Haseneder. BrewingScience, 75 (March/April 2022), pp. 18-25. view abstract | view article

CRISPR-Cas9 and its application potential in the brewing industry. K. Seibel, M. De Mesmaeker and F. Weiland. BrewingScience, 75 (March/April 2022), pp. 26-36. view abstract | view article