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Volume 75 - Number 11/12 (2022)

Evaluating the impact of kilning temperature on hop quality in American deep bed dryers. L. N. Rubottom, S. R. Lafontaine and T. H. Shellhammer. BrewingScience, 75 (November/December 2022), pp. 98-108 . view abstract | view article

Advanced hop products designed for sustainable brewing and improved taste and aroma in different beer styles . A. Symes, F. Van Opstaele, G. De Rouck and P. Oliveira. BrewingScience, 75 (November/December 2022), pp. 109-119. view abstract | view article

Hypothesis of synergy between Sorachi Ace-derived geranic acid and various flavour compounds contributing to characteristic beer aroma. A. Tanigawa, A. Sanekata, K. Takoi, K. Takazumi, I. Matsumoto and Y. Nakayama. BrewingScience, 75 (November/December 2022), pp. 120-132. view abstract | view article

Physical and chemical soil variability in a characteristic Hop field of Galicia (Spain). J. J. Cancela, J. Dafonte, E. Corral, M. Rodríguez-Febereiro and M. Fandiño. BrewingScience, 75 (November/December 2022), pp. 133-141. view abstract | view article