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Volume 76 - Number 3/4 (2023)

CaCO3 deposits in reverse osmosis: Part III - Incipient Scaling detection via polymer optical fibre sensors. Comparison to hydrochemical prediction and image analytical methods. Hager, S., Oesinghaus, H., Bachmann, A., Meinardus, M., Hofmann, T., Engelbrecht, R., Glas, K.. BrewingScience, 76 (March/April 2023), pp. 19-29. view abstract | view article

Effect of fermentation conditions (yeast content and fermentation time) on the ethanol and bioactive compounds of Ca na (Elaeocarpus hygrophilus Kurz) wine by using response surface methodology . Giang, N. T. N., Khai, T. V.. BrewingScience, 76 (March/April 2023), pp. 30-37. view abstract | view article

Quantitative analysis of a large spectrum of hop phenolic compounds by LC-MS/MS. Schmidt, C., Biendl, M.. BrewingScience, 76 (March/April 2023), pp. 38-47. view abstract | view article