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Volume 76 - Number 5/6 (2023)

Machine Learning Approach to Enhancing Drying Efficiency of Hop (Humulus lupulus L.). Pinto, M. B. C. , Ghion, R. A. C., Schmidt, F. L.. BrewingScience, 76 (May/June 2023), pp. 48-57. view abstract | view article

Effects of Mash Chelator Addition on Transition Metal Content and Oxidative Stability of Brewer’s Wort. Mertens, T., Kunz, T., De Rouck, G., Gibson, B., Aerts, G., De Cooman, L. (†). BrewingScience, 76 (May/June 2023), pp. 58-72. view abstract | view article

Development of a tractable model system to study microbial community succession during wood-ageing of beer on a lab scale. Bossaert, S., Kocijan, T., Winne, V., Van Opstaele, F., Schlich, J., Herrera-Malaver, B., Verstrepen, K. J., De Rouck, G., Lievens, B., Crauwels, S.. BrewingScience, 76 (May/June 2023), pp. 73-91. view abstract | view article